Corporate Support

Partnering with Disability Sport NI provides a wide range of benefits for any public or private sector organisation. It is a great way for you and your staff to learn about disability sports, take part in a range of activities events and challenges, enhance your brand profile and evidence your commitment to the local community. Most importantly of all, it can be great fun and you will be taking action to help disabled people to get involved with and take part in sport or physical recreation.

Cheering Spectators Cheering Spectators

Charity of the Year Partnership

If your organisation has an offical Charity of the Year partnership scheme where causes are nominated (either by a charity committee or staff) and one cause is chosen to be the recipient of all your organisation's fundraising efforts for that year, please think about choosing Disability Sport NI as your charity partner. If you are an employee, please nominate our cause.

In return we will do all we can to provide dedicated support for the duration of the partnership and we will help promote your fundraising efforts in fresh and exciting ways. We can also provide opportunities for your staff to get involved with our wide range of disability sport themed programmes and events throughout the year including taster sessions in sports such as Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby or Boccia.

Employee Fundraising Partnership

Does your organisation have its own sports teams, social club or fitness groups? If so, why not get together and plan your own sporting themed fundraiser or take part as a company team in an event such as a Marathon or Fun Run to raise funds 'in aid of' Disability Sport NI.

There is no limit to the number of ways an employee can help raise funds for Disability Sport NI in the workplace. Why not ditch the suits and organsie a dress-down day themed on Trackies & Trainers, or you could ask your colleagues to get active and walk or cycle to work for a day and then donate the money they save on petrol or public transport costs. The money they save from getting active would then go to help local disabled people to get active too.

Sponsorship Partnership

Throughout the year Disability Sport NI organises and hosts a large number of diability sport themed events, championships, competitions and training programmes throughout Northern Ireland. These activities provide excellent sponsorship opportunities for local organisations and we welcome partnerships of this type with brands, products and services that are complementary to our area of work.

Corporate sponsorship is an excellent way to promote your brand/product/service to the large number of local people who participate and spectate at our activities and the wider public. Benefits of sponsorship can include:

  • Your branding at events.
  • Your branding in any promotional materials connected to the sponsored event.
  • Your branding on information about the event on our website and social media pages.
  • Opportunities for you to display information on your products or services at the event.
  • Increased profile though media activity associated to promoting the event.
  • Improved positive local relations as a result of you showing your commitment to supporting the community.
  • Potential for staff involvement with the event.

Payroll Giving Partnership

Payroll giving is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis an amount of their choosing to charity.

Payroll giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1 you donate to us will only cost you 80 pence if you are a standard rate tax payer. If you are a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60 pence to give us £1 as you receive tax relief on your donation at the highest rate of tax you pay.

Setting up a regular payroll donation could not be easier and you can stop it at any time. Simply talk to your organisation's payroll department or contact us for further information.

For more information, advice or to simply have a chat about how you feel your organisation can partner with Disability Sport NI, please contact our Fundraising & Communications Manager by telephone: 028 9046 9925 textphone: 028 9046 3494 or you can email: