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We are very proud to say that over that last year we helped to make participation in sport a reality for over 18,000 children, young people and adults with a disability in Northern Ireland. Thanks to your help, they were given the opportunity to get involved and take part.

Young Boccia Player Young Boccia Player

Although our programmes benefit more and more people with disabilities every year, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to extend our reach so that greater number of local disabled people who do not participate in sport and physical recreation can be supported to take part. 

Despite our very best efforts, the reality remains that the vast majority of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland simply do not currently get the opportunity to participate in a sport or a physical recreation activity of their choosing. With your help we can change this. Kevin O'Neill, Chief Executive of Disability Sport NI

Disabled people living in Northern Ireland are still only half as likely to take part in some form of regular sport of physical recreation activity compared to the population as a whole. Only 19% of disabled adults are participating regularly compared to 37% of all adults. 

As a charity we rely on the generosity of our supporters to make our work possible. From the individuals,, schools, groups and local businesses who kindly raise funds for us, through to our volunteers who selflessly give of their time to support our programmes and events. 

If you are inspired by our work and would like to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland, your help, no matter how big or small would make a real difference. Together we can ensure that in the future, any disabled person who wants to has an equal opportunity to get involved with and take part in a sport of their choosing.

Thank you