Our Mission & Vision

Disability Sport NI was set up to help facilitate equality of access to sport and active recreation for people with disabilities across Northern Ireland. We believe strongly that people with disabilities should have an equal opportunity to get involved and take part.


Our Mission:
To ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to live a full, active and healthy lifestyle through sport and active recreation. 
Our Vision:
An inclusive society where people with disabilities fully participate in all aspects of life, including sport and active recreation. 
Our Five Strategic Priorities:

1. Community Sport – Improving Health and Wellbeing 
To develop sports and recreation opportunities which enable people with disabilities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in their local community. 
2. Performance Sport – Developing Sporting Talent 
To lead the development of performance pathways and support programmes which enable people with disabilities to achieve higher levels of performance in their sport. 
3. Education, Training and Volunteers - Supporting Inclusion 
To develop education, training, coach education and volunteer programmes which support the development of a society which is more inclusive of people with disabilities. 
4. Sports Facilities - Developing Inclusive Facilities 
To support the development of new and refurbished sports facilities and stadia which are fully inclusive of people with disabilities. 
5. Policy, Communications, Governance and Income Generation – Making It Happen
To inform policy development, inspire participation and to manage an effective organisation to lead the development of disability sport in Northern Ireland.