Case Studies

Our hope is that participating in sport or physical recreation at any level will have a positive impact on the lives of all those we work with. We are honoured to come into contact with many amazing individuals, groups and organisations through our work. Here are some of their stories.

Springvale Fold

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Springvale Fold in a Fold Housing Association sheltered housing development at Springvale Gardens in North Belfast.

The complex has 38 purpose built flats including 1 and 2 bedroom properties and includes wheelchair and mobility standard properties. 

Judith Brennan our Inclusive Communities Coach who works specifically with older people and people with disabilities in the Belfast area visits the residents on a weekly basis to help get them active. Judith’s role is part of our partnership with Belfast City Council’s Active Communities Programme. 

Judith works with residents to stimulate physical activity through a series of appropriate exercises and games including Boccia which the residents particularly enjoy playing. 

Boccia is usually played on an area similar to the size of a badminton court with players aiming to propel a set of coloured balls and position them closer to a white jack ball than those of their opponent, on a similar basis to bowls. However it can be played in smaller spaces such as the communal lounge at Springvale Fold and the residents play from a seated position and they can throw, roll or kick the balls into the playing area.  This makes it the perfect inclusive sport to allow residents with differing levels of mobility to all take part. 

As well as enjoying Judith’s visits, the residents thoroughly enjoy the excitement of competing in the Boccia games. One resident, Mary sums up the benefits for the residents of being supported to get active in this way. 

We love to see Judith coming in on a Tuesday morning, she is always bright and cheerful and very patient and supportive. I am becoming quite good at Boccia now thanks to her and I know all of the residents who come along to Judith’s sessions always enjoy themselves. Mary, Resident at Springvale Fold. 

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