Case Studies

Our hope is that participating in sport or physical recreation at any level will have a positive impact on the lives of all those we work with. We are honoured to come into contact with many amazing individuals, groups and organisations through our work. Here are some of their stories.

Sharon Vennard

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Sharon Vennard is from the Ards Peninsula and is affected by Osteoarthritis in her spine and Fibromyalgia which has resulted in her having mobility and balance problems. Since 2009, she has been part of the GB Paralympic Archery Squad. Sharon has been to tournaments and championships around the world including Italy, USA and Thailand. She also completed in the London 2012 Paralympics.

When she was younger, Sharon played alot of sport, mainly Hockey, Netball and Athletics and she got involved in Archery at a 'have-a-go' event organised by a local club. She shot three arrows and was totally hooked. 

There are three different forms of Archery. The main ones are Target Archery, which takes place in open areas with targets set at various distances ranging from thirty to ninty metres and Field Archery which again features targets at various distances but they can be in forests, across rivers, up or down hills and in various other challenging situations. Sharon's main discipline is Target Archery but she has also enjoyed Field Archery on a number of occasions too. 

Sharon has been glad of the help and advice that the staff at Disability Sport NI have given her. Taking part in sport has given Sharon so much. 

I have gained new friends from here and abroad and travelled around the world to compete in Paralympics and World Championships. The most important thing though is the support and camaraderie I have at my local club, the people there are friendly and welcoming and it provides me with an opportunity to be part of a lively and vibrant social activity which I love. Sharon Vennard