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Our hope is that participating in sport or physical recreation at any level will have a positive impact on the lives of all those we work with. We are honoured to come into contact with many amazing individuals, groups and organisations through our work. Here are some of their stories.

Sainsbury’s AK4A Inclusive PE Training Course - St. MacNissi’s Primary School Larne

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Featured Case Study

Staff at St. MacNissi’s Primary School, Larne completed the Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE Training Programme. The course aims to provide teachers, trainee teachers and classroom assistants with the knowledge and skills needed to run inclusive PE lessons.

St. MacNissi’s Primary School caters for pupils aged 4-11 years residing in the parish of Larne. The present school was established as a result of the amalgamation of St. Mary’s Girls’ Primary School and St. Joseph’s Boys’ Primary School in 1993. The new school opened on 15th February 2001. The current enrolment is 210 pupils and there are 13 members of staff.

There are a number of children in the school with a statement of Special Educational Needs and two children are registered with a disability. Each class is timetabled for two PE lessons per week. P1 and P2 take part in a “wide awake club” each morning which is based on fundamental movement skills. P3-P7 are encouraged to be active each morning, break and lunch through a variety of games including football, basketball, skipping and tennis. P1-P4 also receive GAA activities and P5-P7 take part in hurling, football, rugby and swimming programmes. St. MacNissi’s Primary School have a wide range of after-school activities and clubs including football, ju-jitsu, multi-skills and Zumba.

Ethna Brady, principal wanted staff to complete the Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE Training Course “to encourage and help staff to develop the skills, and especially the confidence to encourage and assist disabled children to take part in sporting activities.”

Jane Baxter teaches Primary 4 in St. MacNissi’s Primary School; “Depending on the nature of the PE lesson it can be difficult to make it inclusive. Direction and instructions often have to be simplified and repeated a number of times. Steps are also taken to ensure that these children can access and use equipment successfully.”

“The course was extremely valuable and most definitely worthwhile. It has opened my eyes up to not only the range of disabilities there are, but to how easy (and important!) it is to ensure that all children are given the same chances to learn, achieve and enjoy. The techniques of using coloured signals, zones in games, use of space and even demonstrations can help all children to complete the activities and games and enjoy PE.”

Bregeen Spencer, Primary 1 teacher and 500th teacher trained, highlighted “the resource cards which include impairment specific considerations are extremely useful to enable us to adapt lessons and games for various pupils. The course had a good balance of theory and practical. The theory provoked good thinking and discussion and the practical activities were extremely enjoyable and relevant – I look forward to putting them into practice!”

Sainsbury’s AK4A Inclusive PE Training Course is free of charge to schools, teachers, trainee teachers and classroom assistants. To book your course, email or contact the office on 028 9046 9925.